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Put 2 teaspoons of salt and 3/4 teaspoons of freshly ground pepper into a dish. Season the entire lamb with the salt and pepper. (You put the salt and pepper into a separate dish first for sanitary reasons. You would not want to be going back and forth between touching the raw lamb and your main salt and pepper holders.)

Yes, this is simole Frank, and one of the reasons I think traditional Italian food is so good – its simplicity. I will definitely be trying this soon!

Phil Collins arrived at a time when Genesis badly needed a healthy injection of fresh blood and revitalized energy. His musical adeptness and percussive proficiency on drums made it that much easier for Genesis to create the time changes so integral to their world. Enter also Steve Hackett, a guitarist capable of colouring various passages and textures instead of only being able to play the archetypal guitar solo. With Rutherford on bass and acoustic guitars, Banks on keyboards, mellotrons and synthesizers and Gabriel onstage an occasional flute, Genesis had gone through a necessary transformation, emerging unscarred as one of the few 70’s bands moving towards tomorrow instead of being merely content to recall what was once yesterday. From this transitional 1971 period, Genesis began moving closer to bridging the gap between theatre and music both onstage and record. Yet the bands visual attempts at clearing up lyrical discrepancies, created some dire misconceptions which followed the group like the plague, and begged for clarification. The most common problems revolved around the group’s position in the rock ‘n roll hierarch, for both fans and enemies were confused about just where Genesis fitted in the rock family tree. And it came to pass that people wrongly assumed that Genesis bore a strong resemblence to bands like Yes, ELP musically and people like Alice Cooper and David Bowie visually. Musically all that bound those groups together was the keyboard based instruments used to colour different sounds. Time changes, chord structures, song construction, vocals and lyrics differ between them so much so that no obvious similarities exist. Visually Genesis share no bonds with other popular rock posers of our time.

Noha, I have a 4 pound boneless leg of lamb I’d like to prepare this way, and I would very much appreciate your advice about how the temperature and/or time should be adjusted to accommodate the fact that it’s boneless (unfortunately). Would you suggest more like 135 C, so I don’t dry it out?
Thank you!

I was inspired to roast a leg of lamb after Ioannis Michanetzis (a fan of ) sent me his recipe for a marinated, roasted leg of lamb .

Like The Director’s Chair series being run by Tony, I think that this reignited series is a great way to get a look at what the members of the Lamb community think about the work of some of the most prolific actors/actresses who have been entertaining us all for so many years.

Looks like yours was a totalsuccess, your picture is beautiful and really conveys the yumminess of it. Spotted the link to the rendang post as well :))

Hi there Ronnie B, I too have a favourite Restaurant in Zakynthos, that does a truly great Kleftiko. I wonder if its the same one. Mine is the Olive tree at Tsilivi owned by my favourite chef, Lakis Boas.

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